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Arranging a funeral service
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Arranging a Funeral Service.

A funeral service provides an opportunity for family and friends to come together and share emotions and memories, providing support through a difficult time.

The service should be a reflection of your loved one’s life and beliefs. A service should give time to reflect, grieve and begin the healing process, while celebrating the life of your loved one and all they meant to you.

We will help create a service that reflects your wishes, and those of the deceased. Our staff can meet at your home or our office, to discuss options that suit you and arrange the service you need.

It’s important to know the options available, below are some items to be considered for the service.

  • Cremation or burial
  • Where to have a Service
  • When to have the funeral
  • Other options

Call us on 1800 886 489, day or night, for help with arranging a funeral service.

Cremation or burial.

The choice of cremation or burial is a personal, religious or cultural decision. We can make arrangements for cremation, burial, crypt or vault at any crematorium or cemetery in Sydney or NSW. We are able to organise for repatriation from, or to, anywhere in Australia or across the world.

Where to have a Service.

The service can be in a church, crematorium chapel, at the graveside or any other location you would like. We are able to assist in the service you would like, at a location of your choice.

When to have the funeral.

There are many things to be organised for a funeral service, and you will need time to make arrangements without feeling rushed.

While there is no set time frame for when to have a service, there are a number of factors that may determine when the service will be held.

Family preferences are the most important consideration. Family and friends need to be contacted so they can plan time off work. We will arrange the funeral for a day and time that suits the loved ones of the deceased.

Most people find the service assists with grief and bereavement, so it is preferable to not wait too long before having a service.

Timing may be determined by religious or cultural traditions. This is an important part of a funeral we can accommodate.

Other options.

We can help with a wide range of options for every service. This includes floral arrangements, musicians and singers, mourning car or limousine service, filming or photography and various function facilities for after service catering.

Speak to our helpful staff to discuss these options, and we can make the service as personal as you like. You are also welcome to make any of these arrangements yourself. Our staff will be on hand to assist and support you, gently offering guidance when you need.

There are many things to consider when arranging a service. These some common considerations.

  • Service Time
  • Length of Service
  • Order of Service
  • Music
  • Eulogy
  • Special Items
  • Photographs
  • Photo Presentation
  • Video / Webcast
  • Flowers
  • Donations
  • Clubs and Organisations
  • Wake Catering and Functions

Should you have other needs or suggestions, our caring staff are available to help and discuss them with you.

Call us on 1800 886 489, day or night, to discuss arranging a funeral service.

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