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Planning Ahead

Pre-Arranging a funeral can take away many of the worries that you have about arranging a funeral. We can answer any questions you have about arranging and planning a funeral service. You can calmly consider the type of service that you want, any options that you may require and all the costs involved. Many people say that it has given them a sense of relief, knowing that everything is in place for themself or a loved one.

A Pre-Arranged Funeral is an important part of organising your financial affairs. You can arrange the service exactly how you would like it, and decide how much you want to spend.

A Pre-Arranged Funeral gives you and or your family, the chance to arrange a funeral without the emotional stress that can occur when a loved one has passed away. You can select the type of funeral service that you want, knowing that it will all be conducted according to your wishes.

Pre-Arranging specifies the style of service that a person would like to have. It can be a great comfort knowing that a person’s wishes will be respected. It can also prevent potential stress among family members at the time.

You can meet with one of our trained staff to discuss your thoughts about a funeral service. Together we can design and detail the type of funeral service you would like. This will be securely kept in our files until it is needed. You do not have to pay anything until the time of the service. This allows you to plan, budget and arrange for your personal preferences in advance.

Pre-Paid Funeral

A funeral can be paid for in advance so you will not be affected by future price rises or inflation. A Pre-Paid Funeral Plan is costed at today’s prices. The money is invested in an independent trust fund and the interest on the investment will cover any future increase in costs.

A Pre-Paid Funeral Plan is often more economical than Funeral Insurance, which can be very costly as you get older.

Payments can be made in a lump sum or in interest free instalments over three years.

Your money is invested in a State Government Regulated and Capital Guaranteed Fund specifically designed for funerals. The funds are invested in your name and independently managed by Lifeplan Funds Management, to be used for your funeral expenses.

A Pre-Paid Funeral Plan is income and asset test exempt which has Tax and Social Security advantages.

Pre-Arranging a funeral gives you peace of mind. Your wishes are clearly stated for family and friends, which is reassuring for everyone involved.

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